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Five of the best Instagrammers to follow

Travel the world, take photos and elicit adoration from thousands of fans? Sounds pretty good, huh?

The reach of social media is such, that today’s top Instagram photographers often turn their hobby into a job, or professional photographers can now reach millions.

These photographers have recently turned their collective gaze to the Cradle Coast,  and captured Tasmania’s north west beautifully.

We also think they’re worth a follow; click on the photos to go to their Instagram profiles.


Luke Tscharke

Luke Tscharke’s image of the Table Cape Tulip Farm, Table Cape.


Mitchell Pettigrew

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, by Mitchell Pettigrew, from Shipwreck Photography.


Chris Fynes

Chris Fynes, of @wethefoodsnobs captured this stunning image of Barn Bluff.


Sam Ison

Sam Ison’s striking photo of an ice-covered Dove Lake with the commanding Cradle Mountain behind.



Mitch Cox

Mitch captured this image of Montezuma Falls on Tasmania’s Wild West Coast during a visit last week.

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