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Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway

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  • Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway

Wee Georgie Wood is a 600mm-gauge (2 feet) 1921 Fowler 0-4-0 tank steam locomotive that operates on the short Farrell Tramway, which opened for operation between the then isolated mining township of Tullah and Farrell Siding, some 9.6 kilometres away on the Emu Bay Railway in 1909.
Wee Georgie Wood was the prime source of motive power for the tramway between 1921 and 1962, when the new Murchison Highway reached Tullah and the original tramway ceased operations.
Most of the original tramway route was inundated by the rising waters of Lake Rosebery. In the 1980s Wee Georgie was rescued and restored to full running order by a group of local enthusiasts and volunteers.

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