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Lilium Bulb Sale

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  • Lilium Bulb Sale
  • Lilium Bulb Sale
  • Lilium Bulb Sale
  • Lilium Bulb Sale

Our 2017 Lilium Bulb Sale will be held at the Latrobe Memorial Hall from 11 am to 1 pm on Sunday 4th June.
Our Lilium Bulb Sale offers a very broad range of Lilium bulbs along with some select companion bulbs and plants.
Many of these bulbs are unavailable elsewhere and are often in short supply.
Best bulbs always sell quickly – be early!
The emphasis is on easily-grown, garden lilies although there are also rare species liliums for the collector and many different Lilium Hybrids. This includes many of the great new Tasmanian-bred hybrids.
Asiatics, Martagons, Trumpet/Aurelians, Orientals, OTs and more – all at reasonable prices.
Most of our experienced growers have their own tables and are available to give personal advice on their lilies.
Our 2016 Lilium Bulb Sale was very successful, despite coming within a few days of serious flooding in the Latrobe area. This was certainly our best event of this type yet and reinforces our resolve to do even better in 2017.
Thanks to all those who supported us and good luck with your lilies!

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