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We are very excited to announce Targa Hellyer Gorge will be expanded to encompass much more of the region and become a genuine multi stage rally like Targa Tasmania.
The new event will have a new name, Targa North West, a new date, 18th February, and will base itself in the heart of Burnie to include an Official Finish and Targa Bar on the Saturday night.
The new Targa event promises plenty of excitement for competitors and fans alike with the retention of Hellyer Gorge now being run once in each direction with the longer version of the stage being used. But it is the addition of what many would call ‘The greatest tarmac rally stage never used in a Targa event’, Savage River, that will encourage competitors from all over the country, to ensure that they are in Burnie in February 2017.

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When: February 17

Telephone Enquiries: 03 6430 5850
Website: www.targa.com.au
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