Cradle Mountain

Iconic Cradle Mountain is only one part of this spectacular World Heritage Area.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain

With its craggy peaks visible for miles around, Cradle Mountain can tend to steal the limelight in ‘Cradle Country’. Yet it’s only a small part of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, which is, in turn, part of the famous Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. In fact, this area fulfils more criteria for World Heritage listing than any other place on earth. What does that mean for visitors to Cradle Mountain? For starters, there’s more to see than a mountain.

The ancient rainforests, heathlands, buttongrass plains, glacial streams and lakes of the National Park are home to a huge variety of wildlife, and there are hundreds of ways to encounter these locals. Short, half-day or full-day walks (guided or unguided) will bring you face to face with numerous rare species, many endemic to Tasmania. Alternatively, you can pursue other outdoor activities such as horse riding or quad bike tours just outside of the National Park, or relax in one of the day spas or check out the Wilderness Gallery.


Visitors to Cradle Mountain are strongly advised to consult with Parks and Wildlife Service staff at the Visitor Centre regarding their planned walk, weather conditions and key safety messages.

Visitors planning a day walk, or overnight hikes, are strongly advised to let a reliable person know of your planned walk or hike and your estimated time and date of return, and to ring that person immediately on your return. Visitors are also advised to register their walk or hike in the visitor log book however, please note that these books are not checked unless a person is reported as missing.

Suitable clothing should be carried at all times as weather conditions at Cradle Mountain can change suddenly and dramatically. Walkers are also advised to carry water, food and sunscreen.


If you are self catering during your stay at Cradle Mountain you are strongly advised to bring all required food/drink items with you as fresh produce and grocery items are not available for sale at Cradle Mountain. Only Tasmanian wine and ‘souvenir’ produce is available at The Wilderness Gallery Shop and a smaller selection of food/drink items (mainly confectionary) along with Tasmanian Souvenirs are available at the Cradle Mountain Lodge Store.

How to get there


MCDERMOTTS COACHES, Tel: (03) 6394 3535.

TASSIELINK COACHES, Tel: 1300 300 520.

Road (self drive)

From Strahan take the C132. From Devonport take the C132 via Sheffield and Mount Roland.

Cradle Mountain Shuttle Bus

Operates all year round (with a reduced service during the off season) between the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre – Snake Hill – Ronny Creek – Dove Lake.

Travelling distances and times to nearby towns

Cradle Mountain to: Corinna – 119km (1 hour 45 min), Devonport – 85km (1hour 15 min), Penguin – 88km (1 hour), Waratah – 50km (45 min), Wynyard – 124km (1 hour 35 min).


Backpacker/hostel, hotels, lodges, and self-contained apartments, cabins and cottages.

Motor Homes, Caravans and Camping*

Motor homes, caravans and camping is available at Discovery Holiday Parks, Cradle Mountain. Tel: (03) 6492 1289

*Visitors utilising campervans, motor homes and caravans will need to use the shuttle bus service from the Visitor Centre to enter the Park to access walking tracks due to the road not being suitable.

Designated Sullage Point

None available at Cradle Mountain. Closest sullage point is located at West Nook Road, Sheffield.

Internet Cafes

Internet Kiosk, Cradle Mountain Chateau Foyer. Tel: (03) 6492 1404

Internet Kiosk, Cradle Mountain Lodge Lounge. Tel: (03) 6492 2135

Internet Cafe, Cradle Mountain Café. Tel: (03) 6492 1024

Banks & ATMs

Cradle Mountain Lodge

Other nearest ATM facilities are at Sheffield

EFTPOS (limited cash out) is available at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre.

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