King Island

King Island is synonymous with gourmet dairy and succulent beef. It is also a wonderland for nature lovers and anyone who loves stunning beach views and island simplicity.

King Island

Many people think of gourmet cheese and succulent beef when they think of King Island.

It certainly has these and so much more, including fresh seafood taken from the crystal clear waters.

Surfers are drawn here to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and others just come for the calm simplicity of an island lifestyle.

A drop in the ocean choc-full of things to do. It is a pinprick principality almost invisible on a map of the world, the original drop in the ocean. A trophy destination, it is what being girt by sea really means.

Its climate is milder than either Tasmania or southern Victoria, despite a bit of wind and rain, which makes it ideal to visit at any time of the year. Think about flying in for the annual King Island Race Club horse racing carnival season that begins in early December and continues past New Year’s Day. In March there is the Imperial 20, a 20-mile (32km) footrace whose 1hr 28min record is held by Steve Moneghetti and attracts an increasing number of high-profile national runners. Alternatively, you can sail in during the Melbourne to Grassy Yacht Race, also in March.

For more information to allow you to find the very best places to stay and things to do on King Island, see:

King Island Visitor Information

KIRDO Building, 5 George Street, Currie, TAS 7256
Tel: 1800 645 014
Fax: (03) 6462 1790

Open: Mondays & Thursdays 10.30am to 5pm; Wednesdays 10.30am to 7pm; Fridays 10.30am to 9pm; Saturdays 9am to 12noon

Closed Tuesdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

Tourism Information Touchscreen available at IGA Supermarket window, Main Street, Currie.

How to Get There

Air (Interstate Access)

KING ISLAND AIRLINES, Moorabbin, Victoria – King Island Airport, Victoria. Tel: (03) 9580 3777 Email:

REGIONAL EXPRESS, Melbourne, Victoria – King Island Airport. Tel: 13 17 13

SHORTSTOP JET CHARTER, Essendon Airport, Victoria – King Island Airport. Tel: (03) 9379 9299

Air (Intrastate Access)

TASAIR, Devonport or Burnie Airports – Currie Airport. Tel: 1800 062 900

Self Drive/Car Hire

Cheapa Car Rentals
Tel: (03) 6462 1603

King Island Car Rentals
Tel: (03) 6462 1282.


There is no public transport on King Island. Tours of the Island are available through a number of operators.

King Island Coaches, Tel: (03) 6462 1563 or 0429 611 3963.

King Island Discovery Tours, Tel: (03) 6462 1118.

King Island Holiday Village, Tel: 1800 359 993.

Mobile Phone Reception

Mobile phone reception is limited to Next G (Telstra) on King Island. If you wish to stay in contact with family, friends or work mobile telephones are available for temporary hire on the island.

Travelling distances and times to nearby towns

Currie to: Airport (15 min), Cape Wickham (1 hour), Naracoopa and Grassy (30 min), Stokes Point (1 hour).


B&B’s, farm stays, hotels and motels, self contained apartments, farm cottages, holiday houses and units. Advance bookings are strongly recommended all year. If you have not pre-booked accommodation and plan to stay overnight between December and March you are advised to ring in advance and secure accommodation prior to flying to King Island. Accommodation enquiries and bookings can be made through the Visitor Information Centre.


The King Island Caravan Park has two self-contained cabins, one on-site caravan and camping. Information on camp sites around the island is available from King Island Council.

Internet Cafes

King Island Online Access Centre, KIRDO, 5 George Street, Currie. Tel: (03) 6462 1778.

Banks & ATMs

Westpac Bank and ATM, Cnr Main & Edward Streets, Currie. Tel: (03) 6462 1399. Closed weekends.

ATM machine located in Foodworks, Main Street, Currie. Open daily 8am – 6pm.

Australia Post is an agency for some major banks and credit unions. A Key Card is required for all banking (excluding Westpac). Tel: (03) 6462 1792. Main Street, Currie. Closed weekends.

For more information to allow you to find the very best places to stay and things to do on King Island, see:

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