Rosebery’s mines have been the most productive of any on the West Coast since they began over a hundred years ago.


Rosebery is a zinc and gold mining town in Tasmania’s west that’s situated in a beautiful natural setting.

Nestled deep within a secret valley, Rosebery is dominated by mining and surrounded by a striking landscape of dense forest and the volcanic mountains of the West Coast Range.

It’s a town of contrasts, famous for its beautiful natural setting and harsh mining history – the scenic loop above the town provides spectacular views.

Rosebery is also close to Montezuma Falls – one of Tasmania’s tallest waterfalls. The waterfall can be reached on an interesting walk along an old mining tram line or by four-wheel-drive.

More walks can be had on Mount Read with excellent views of Rosebery and its beautiful surroundings.

Rosebery is a 90-min drive (125 km) south of Burnie.


  • Play a round of golf on the popular and scenic community-run golf course that features the steepest green in Australia with a par 5 up to the eighth hole and then back down again to the 9th.
  • Keep an eye out for the old Hercules to Rosebery aerial ore bucket ropeway, constructed to move ore from the Hercules mine to Rosebery.



Backpacker, hotel and motel, pub, self-contained cabins and cottages. Advance bookings are strongly recommended all year. If you have not pre-booked accommodation and plan to stay overnight in between December and April you are advised to ring in advance and secure accommodation prior to driving to Zeehan, Rosebery or Tullah.

Motor Homes and Camping

Treasure Island Caravan Park. On site facilities available and fees payable. Hurst Street, Zeehan.

Designated Sullage Point

Morrisby Street, Rosebery.

Mulcahy Street, Zeehan.


Online Access Centre, Morrisby Street, Rosebery. Tel: (03) 6473 1426.

Online Access Centre, Farrell Street, Tullah. Tel: (03) 6473 4264.

Banks & ATMs

Zeehan, Rosebery & Tullah

ANZ Bank and ATM, 112 Main Street, Zeehan.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Main Street, Zeehan.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Agnes Street, Rosebery.

ANZ Bank and ATM, 22 Agnes Street, Rosebery.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Farrell Street, Tullah.

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