Explore grand buildings of Victorian days that are being restored to the way they were when Zeehan was a major mining town for gold, silver, lead, and tin.

Gaiety Theatre


Zeehan is rich in mining history with grand relics of its early days and some of Tasmania’s best fishing spots nearby.

Hidden in a valley of rugged hills and rainforest, Zeehan was established in the late 1800s after tin, silver and lead discoveries sparked the largest mining boom in the west. Nicknamed ‘Silver City’, it quickly grew into Tasmania’s third largest town and social hub for the entire West Coast region. Today the town attract geologists from around the wold due to the unique geological structures of the region.

Not surprising then that the West Coast Heritage Centre and Pioneers Museum, with its excellent displays on the area’s indigenous, pioneering and mining past, has one of the finest collections of minerals in the world.

Zeehan, like other West Coast mining towns, has seen many booms and busts, making it a living museum full of character and fascinating stories. Today, Zeehan’s Main Street is lined with grand old buildings like the Gaiety Theatre, supposedly visited by Dame Nellie Melba, beautifully restored and still entertaining locals and visitors.

And for something different, at the end of the street, you’ll find the Spray Tunnel, a 100-metre abandoned railway tunnel that you can walk, ride or drive through.

Nature lovers can enjoy the views from the top of Mount Zeehan, explore the wild West Coast at Trial Harbour and Granville Harbour, climb the massive Henty Dunes behind Australia’s longest beach and explore the nearby wilderness.

Zeehan is also a fishing hotspot with trout caught at Lake Pieman.

Zeehan is a 1 hr 50-min drive (150 km) south-west of Burnie, and a 40-min drive (50 km) north-east of Strahan.


  • Take a historic walk around the town – the older part is at the far end of town
  • Visit Zeehan’s original port, Trial Harbour, or take in the views of the west coast from the top of Mount Zeehan
  • Search for the remains of the nearby lost town of Dundas



Backpacker, hotel and motel, pub, self-contained cabins and cottages. Advance bookings are strongly recommended all year. If you have not pre-booked accommodation and plan to stay overnight in between December and April you are advised to ring in advance and secure accommodation prior to driving to Zeehan, Rosebery or Tullah.

Motor Homes and Camping

Treasure Island Caravan Park. On site facilities available and fees payable. Hurst Street, Zeehan.

Designated Sullage Point

Morrisby Street, Rosebery.

Mulcahy Street, Zeehan.


Online Access Centre, Morrisby Street, Rosebery. Tel: (03) 6473 1426.

Online Access Centre, Farrell Street, Tullah. Tel: (03) 6473 4264.

Banks & ATMs

Zeehan, Rosebery & Tullah

ANZ Bank and ATM, 112 Main Street, Zeehan.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Main Street, Zeehan.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Agnes Street, Rosebery.

ANZ Bank and ATM, 22 Agnes Street, Rosebery.

Commonwealth Bank Agency, Australia Post, Farrell Street, Tullah.

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