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Rent-A-Bug Tasmania and Portside Car Rentals (Devonport)

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  • Rent-A-Bug Tasmania and Portside Car Rentals (Devonport)

Rent-A-Bug Tasmania and Portside Car Rentals is a small family-owned business located in East Devonport.
Right on the port as you disembark from the Spirit of Tasmania, head for number 1 Murray Street, the office of Rent-a-bug and Portside Car Rentals, which is attached to the little house on the Port.
Rent-A-Bug boasts that they offer the most inexpensive, affordable car hire in Tassie. They do this because unlike other operators they do not have a huge fleet needing big insurances, extra add-ons and high finance costs.
Having raced with some of Australian racing greats such as Bob Jane, Peter Brock and Alan Grice, ex car racing driver Vince Powell, and son Andrew began collecting and restoring classic Mercedes cars. They began Rent-A-Bug Tasmania which has evolved into Portside Car Rentals.
Look out for Tazbug parked outside Portside Car Rentals. She must surely be the most photographed car in Tassie.

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