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Summer – Tarkine rivers and coast

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The summer is an ideal season for spending time exploring the rivers and coastline of the Tarkine. The weather is stable and extended daylight hours allow you to take long walks and enjoy sweeping vistas of this special wilderness.

It is a lively period for wildlife with wombats, wallabies and Tasmanian Devils enjoying the abundance of food. The button grass plains come to life with all manner of flowering plants and insects. This time of the year you can see great sunsets and sunrises. The water in the Pieman and Arthur Rivers has warmed up, a perfect time for a lovely swim. Wonderful conditions allow for exploring rivers in canoes and taking short walks not accessible in heavy rains. Long walks are best attempted during the summer, as early starts reward you with the most amazing light conditions.

Due to the active wildlife on the ground, the Wedge Tailed Eagles are hard at work cleaning up carrion and you are most likely going to be graced by their majestic presence. Camping in the Tarkine is a delight during summer, days are warm and nights are mild. Birds are to be seen and heard in the forest and on the coast. The unique Leatherwood tree is flowering. Guided four wheel drive experiences are in swing and are reaching remote areas unpassable in the winter and spring.

Day 1- Arthur River and the northern Tarkine coast

Head to Arthur River and enjoy the breathtaking view from the Edge of the World at the southern mouth of the Arthur River. From here you can get your bearings and take a cruise up the Arthur River, or gently stroll around the banks of this amazing body of water and see the power of the Tarkine coast first hand.

Day 2 – Arthur River coast

Don your backpack (full of plenty of food and water) and follow your downloaded walk guide along the northern shores of the Arthur River to Church Rock or further on to Bluff Hill Lighthouse. This will be a rewarding and amazing full day of discovering the unique features of this coastal wilderness.

Day 3 – Tarkine coast

Head south down the Western Explorer toward Corinna. (For those who have more time you might opt for a guided four wheel drive tour to Sandy Cape). On your way to Corinna stop at the Longback track and enjoy the sublime views of the Tarkine interior via a easy half hour walk. Once at Corinna, hire a canoe and paddle up the Pieman River and be amazed at the stunning beauty of Lucy Creek. Return to the Tarkine Hotel and enjoy a three course meal.

Day 4 – Mt Donaldson

Rise early and head back up the Western Explorer to take the half day walk up Mt Donaldson and be awestruck at the view of the Pieman River, the Tarkine coast to the south and the extensive mountain ranges of the Tarkine all around you. After your Mt Donald experience you may wish to unwind by a gentle evening stroll along the rainforested banks of the Pieman River or the Whyte River before you turn in to your comfortable eco cabin.

For those who have more time you may wish to take a multiday guided tour from the mouth of the Pieman River up the most remote part of the Tarkine coast.

Day 5 – Pieman River Cruise and Pieman Heads

Take a leisurely cruise up the Pieman River to the Tarkine coast. Wander around the quaint shack community of Pieman Heads. (For those with more energy and time take a day walk south of the Heads to Conical Rocks and marvel in the ancient rocky outcrops scattered along this incredible coast).

Day 6 – Home

Head home or take an extra day to relax and reflect on your awakening Tarkine experience. Take another gentle amble under the canopy and capture the sweet smell of musk and spice of the rainforest before you leave and return to reality.

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