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Tarkine walk (falls) – Lucy Creek

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Walk: 1 km, retrace
Time required: including breaks & photo opportunities, 1.5 hrs
Best time to visit: mainly suited to summer months, to be avoided during and immediately after wet / heavy rain periods.
Grade: short, difficult
Environment: river, creek, myrtle rainforest, waterfall and cascades
Map references: Tasmap, 1:25 000 Livingstone and 1:100 000 Pieman
Last review date: February 2010

How to get there:

Lucy Creek can only be accessed from the Pieman River, approximately 6km south west of the township of Corinna. The entrance to Lucy Creek walk is marked by a white buoy. A gravel bed at the mouth of the creek is visible at low tide.

Lucy Creek:

Upon entering Lucy Creek there appears a scene of total serenity, rounded worn rocks and boulders, shallow sparkling gravel creek bed, small rock pools and cascades greet you on the first 50 metres or so. However, once you accept that your feet and possibly legs are going to get wet, Lucy Creek suddenly offers up significant challenges. This walk is for the brave and nimble. Several large boulders must be navigated in order to work your way steadily up this enigmatic creek. Slippery ancient Huon Pine logs are strewn in your path as is moss where you need to make a foot hold in the wet rocks. Fortunately ropes are permanently located at the two most challenging sections to aid your delicate path to the top. Just when you thought you had seen the most beautiful series of small cascades between large boulders in the ever rambling Lucy Creek – you are unexpectedly rewarded with the most amazing and intimate waterfall. This waterfall is jammed full of black glossy logs and rocks, water delightfully shimmers down into a peaceful tannin water hole before you. You are surrounded by Old Man’s Beard and many other mosses and aerial roots hanging from whatever lays still – encircling you in a remarkable and breathtaking sight.

Lucy Creek is well worth the effort – only visited by a small number of people each year. This is a recently developed walk and showcases the many hidden gems and primordial essence of the Tarkine.

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