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Tarkine walk (mountain) – The Longback

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Walk: 1km, retrace
Time required: including breaks, 1/2 hr
Best time to visit: suited to any season
Grade: short, easy
Environment: button grass plateau, panoramic views
Map references: Tasmap, 1:25 000 Interview and 1:100 000 Pieman
Last review date: February 2010

How to get there:

The Longback is a delightful, easy,  half an hour walk suitable for families and the not so fit. The walk starts approximately 11km north of Corinna, toward the southern end of the Western Explorer Road (C249). A small car parking area marks the beginning of the walk.

The Longback:

From the car park, head up the well marked track that gently ascends to the top of the Longback. This walk showcases the history and beauty of the Tarkine. To the east is the Meredith Range with its granite outcrops and to the south west the mountains of the west coast and beyond.

Once on the ridge line, the ancient and delicate forests, moor lands and button grass plains fill your western view – a savannah like landscape well known to this part of the Tarkine. The remote Norfolk Range including the Interview Pinnacle and Mt Sunday gently rolls and fills the horizon. Mt Donaldson marks the edge of the Pieman River valley to the south.

The occasional wedge-tailed eagle or the rare and endangered Orange Bellied Parrot may share this tranquil setting with you. The Longback is an ideal short walk to enjoy at any time, perhaps even at sunset with a glass of Tasmanian wine.

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