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Wynyard Penguin Tours

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  • Wynyard Penguin Tours
  • Wynyard Penguin Tours
  • Wynyard Penguin Tours
  • Wynyard Penguin Tours
  • Wynyard Penguin Tours
  • Wynyard Penguin Tours

With Wynyard Penguin Tours, visitors have the fascinating and thrilling opportunity to see penguins up close and personal in their natural environment on the North West Coast of Tasmania only minutes away from the township of Wynyard.
Watch the penguins come ashore each night as they make their way to their burrows. See them climb cliffs, feed their chicks and listen to them socialise with their partners. Tours are conducted on environmentally sensitive lines so the penguins are not disturbed. Marvel at how the penguins are able to comfortably co-exist near houses and next to a major highway with significant traffic flow.
Your guide will give visitors a personalised and detailed insight into the lives of the penguins, their unique habits and behaviours. Penguin numbers can fluctuate due to seasonal factors.
Phone bookings are essential as spaces are limited and a meeting location will be arranged during your booking process. Visitors will need to bring their own vehicle. This activity is not suitable for young children and the elderly.
There is no charge for this activity but donations are gratefully accepted.

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